Design . Innovate

Crafting scalable, utilisable and REACTIVE digital solutions for your ideas, we love to explore the vast realm of software technologies from abc to XYZ.

We help you to kick start your idea

AND make it brilliant

We are a group of university students who are enthusiastic about the vast world of software technology. Unlike most gargantuan companies, we deliver technology in its purest form, rather than a business deal. This belief enables us to truly comprehend how to create great websites and apps, by helping people realise the potential behind their ideas.

We are proficient at crafting beautiful, modern and scalable websites using cutting-edge web technology and mobile apps with enterprise level production flow. We have also contributed to a number of trending projects such as the PHP language, the No.1 PHP web framework Laravel, famous JavaScript libraries including ionic and VueJS and more…


Performance focused design

We are striving to construct our software in ways that are both efficient and scalable. In reality context, it means faster website response rate, more capability of handling large traffic (typically for startups) and elegant code.

UI craftmanship

For technology to be intimately “felt” by users, User Interface has to be distinguishably outstanding, pleasing, modern and intuitive. Our aim is to make our products as easily accessible for people ranging from those who are just starting experiencing, to those tech-savvies.

Collaborative Service

We are deeply aware that we are trying to help our clients to realise the potential of their idea; therefore, we are providing Collaboration Oriented Service, with which you can communicate with us at any time, from design to deploy, and participate into our project workflow, so that you can see, step by step, how your idea is gradually turning more and more Reactive.

Key services

“Great work! Super fast service delivery and high working ethics! Really looking forward to working with them next time!

Eric – Wise Earth & Ray – 51UStudy